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Our mision is to create healthy and affordable food markets for low income people. Your donation helps more people get more nutritional food.

How does our donations program work?

We apply techno-logistic solutions to prevent food waste, rescuing products that are about to leave the commercial market and taking them to social organizations. All transports are carried out by authorized drivers and the beneficiary institutions are regularly audited by our partners.

Nilus's adminsitrative cost are financed by social investors.Individual donations are allocated 100% to cover the operational costs of handling and delivering food.

To ensure the transparency of our operation, each donor will receive a report with the traceability of the destination of their money.

What is Nilus's role?

We use crowdsourcing and geo-location technologies to connect food producers or retailers, community kitchens, social organizations in need and drivers, simply and intuitively

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We know that cooperation is key for innovation. That is why we are always open to share ideas with those who want to collaborate. We invite you to contact us to work together.